“Life is a miracle, and we need to not fear trying to achieve our potential and reveal the remarkable creation we and all living things are and that our Creator has built into us the ability to induce self-healing.”

Bernie Siegel


Diagnosis or not.


This is my personal blog about living, dealing and

battling a rare cancer, Clear Cell Sarcoma.

I hope you find encouragement and inspiration

that helps you along the way while you

fight your own battles.

2 Years Later.. Yes, I’m Still Alive!

Well there’s nothing like posting about your aggressive cancer diagnosis and then leaving people hanging for 2 years, right?! When I checked the blog after being MIA for a long while I noticed how many views the blog posts are still receiving and I was shocked! My thoughts then immediately transitioned to thinking how many…

Cancer (And Good News) During A Pandemic

Graphic photo disclaimer: there is a graphic photo(s) of my foot post-op near the bottom of this blog. Please be aware, skip this blog, don’t scroll to the end, or do whatever you need to do if you are triggered by graphic medical images. You have been fairly warned as this is my uncensored journey…

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